I-BARRS v3 BUGGY K2 (CLAY SOFT) (2 pcs.)


This is the I-BARRS V3 tire from PROCIRCUIT, designed to excel on clean surfaces or those with medium to high grip. This tire features a flat rubber design that maximizes ground contact, providing exceptional traction without compromising lateral grip.

What makes the I-BARRS V3 a great choice is its tread pattern design. The lines in the central part are arranged in a different direction than on the sides. This feature is designed to achieve maximum traction without sacrificing lateral grip. Additionally, the tread lines of the I-BARRS V3 are notably higher than those of other similar tires, offering a significant increase in traction.

The V3 series features a smaller tire structure that enhances overall performance. Experience greater ease in direction changes and a smoother corner passage. Furthermore, the new carcass not only improves performance but also simplifies assembly and gluing, providing a hassle-free experience.

The I-BARRS V3 shares the same insert (#PCY2101) as other PROCIRCUIT tires, offering consistency and versatility across the product range.


Available in C1 Super Soft (white), C2 Soft (yellow), C3 Medium (orange), C4 Hard (blue), K1 Clay Super Soft (pink) and K2 Clay Soft (red). C4, K1 and K2 compounds are only available unlgued without insert and rim.

Procircuit's K1 and K2 clay compounds provide maximum efficiency and grip on indoor clay tracks, oily tracks, hard packed dirt tracks with a high level of humidity or even on mixed tracks with synthetic surfaces such as carpet, astroturf, concrete, slippery curves or cobblestones.

K compounds work differently from C standard compounds. While C compounds are very dependent on the temperature and grip, the performance of K compounds depends on the grip and the surfaces.

With the K compounds we achieve greater driving stability because the rubber is not as elastic as the C compound and centrifuges less at full throttle.

Gluing recommendation:

C and K compounds: Wipe the gluing area with a clean cloth and brake cleaner. Then, using another clean cloth, wipe again with Procircuit Green Tire Cleaner part # PC0015. Use a fresh Procircuit's Tire Glue to ensure a perfect bond. Part # PC0012

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